Lunar eclipses are connected to the collapse of something in your life. This might concern your relationship, job, health, or best laid plans. It may feel like it came totally out of left field, but chances are there were signs all along. In fact if you were to check your calendar and see what transpired on or around Jan. 13 then you’ll probably discover the root cause for what’s transpiring today. The bright side to lunar eclipses is that they signal to us that something has reached its limit and can’t continue as is. Pining away for someone you can’t have, slaving away at a job you despise, ignoring warning signs that something’s up with your body or throwing good money after bad in hopes that a project will take off just isn’t going to cut it anymore. Eclipses – whether they’re solar or lunar – are course correctors. Yes, they may pull the plug on our fondest hopes, but their aim is to get you back on track and that’s exactly what will be happening on July 16.