Bravery is not for the squeamish. It doesn’t visit the perches of the privileged, the ruts of the tried-and-true, the furrows of the formulaic, or the fat cats who have grown obese with complacency. Bravery is for those who are willing to bet it all on a future that hasn’t been written yet. On Aug. 7 the Sun in Leo will form a trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius. There will be a lot of fiery energy coursing through your horoscope. Fire energy is courageous energy – heroic, individual, audacious, and indomitable. Moreover both Ruling Planets will be in their own signs for the first time in 12 years (the Sun rules Leo and Jupiter rules Sagittarius) so if there was ever a time to jump off the treadmill, to take a chance on something uncharted, or to paint on the largest possible canvas – then it would be now.