August 13

Venus cazimi

Venus is conjunct the Sun in Leo. This makes it a golden Venus. You can’t help attracting the attention of people who are a few rungs up on the social ladder. These may be friends in high places, people who can open doors for you, or the most eligible bachelor(ette) in the room. You don’t have to campaign to get what you want, play hard to get or do things to prove yourself. Love just shows up. But this can get dicey if you don’t “own” this Venus. In other words, people may see something special in you that you don’t see yourself. Instead of saying “I don’t see what you see in me”, it might be a better idea to play along until you can figure out what they’re looking at. Maybe it’s just romantic idealization or maybe it’s something worth aspiring to. Signs most affected: Taurus, Leo, and Libra