August 29

Sun trine Uranus

For many people the wheels fell off the wagon when Uranus reentered Taurus last March. They didn’t like seeing a reliable vehicle for their talents and ambitions fall apart. You may have been one of these people and if so, you’ve likely been trying to get back to where you used to be only to discover that it’s not there anymore. The job doesn’t exist, the career path has been erased, or your main source of financial security has dried up. So where do you go from here? Today’s Sun/Uranus trine will provide the answer. It won’t be the ultimate answer. It will be more along the lines of being handed the next assignment in your scavenger hunt. Nevertheless it is guidance from the Stars and if you follow their promptings you’ll like where you wind up. Signs most affected: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.