Were you too wishful in your thinking or hopeful in your yearning? It’s been known to happen when Jupiter in Sagittarius forms a square to Neptune in Pisces. There’s nothing wrong with shooting for the Moon as long as you hit your mark. But you have to hit your mark. Otherwise you’re just shooting arrows into space. Now’s the time to be targeted in your thinking. No more waiting on promises to be fulfilled or for that certain someone to get back to you. You have to take yourself off the junk food diet of manufactured excuses and maybe-this-time-things-will-work-out scenarios and insist on dealing squarely with what’s in front of you. It may feel disillusioning, but the best antidote to a Jupiter/Neptune square is to splash some cold water on your face. Sobering, yes, but it’s also invigorating and it sure beats wandering around in a fog.