It will feel like it’s up to you to salvage a relationship on July 25th. Maybe you were the one who messed up, remained unmoved when the other person needed sympathy, or sat on the fence far longer than you should have. First Quarter Moons often bring a rush of emotion and the fact that its phase occurs at the 29th degree means that things are down to the wire; however this Moon being in Libra indicates that it’s really up to the other person to decide. In other words – make the best case that you can to be together and then leave it alone. This person may not answer you this week or next or even a month from now. Cancer and Libra energies are strong and if there’s anything these two signs know how to do it’s to wait things out. It may feel counterintuitive given what’s at stake, but patience and humility sends a greater message of contrition that any confession or vow to do better would.