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Children of Saturn age backward. Born old, you grow younger in both appearance and spirit with each passing year. By the time you reach middle age, you look as if you've hardly a care in the world. You've outpaced all the jocks who gave you such a hard time in school and surpassed the "in" crowd that made you feel so out of it. People may marvel at your "good fortune," but they don't know how much hard work went into making that prosperity happen. There's always a price to pay for a Child of Saturn. And that price is usually paid at a time when everyone's supposed to be feeling young and carefree. If there was a hard way to do something, you found it. You were probably the last one chosen when the kids were picking teams for softball. It took you forever to muster up the courage to speak in front of the class or ask someone out on a date. Yet it's your perseverance and strength in the face of setbacks and stumbling blocks that ultimately leads to your great achievements and sense of self-fulfillment.


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