April 23-26, 2020 | OPA Retreat 2020 Zion National Park

April 23-26, 2020

Welcome to the 2020 Retreat. We are delighted to have a very unique and eclectic selection of Tracks this year, from Predictive, to Traditional, to Evolutionary, and much more. You will immerse yourself in the track you choose for 3 days of the retreat in an intimate group of maximum 12 people, This is a unique way to dive deeper into the material.

Christopher Renstrom


Jupiter and Saturn: the two faces of Fortune (Natal and Transit)

Ahead of the 2020 conjunction, we look at Jupiter and Saturn as two sides of the same coin. One represents “the hand that giveth” while the other is generally seen as “the hand that taketh away”. But there’s more to these planets than “expansion” and “restriction”. Jupiter is a moral planet. Where it appears in an astrological chart shows us where we find our higher purpose and rewards for good behavior. Saturn, on the other hand, is an ironic planet. Where it appears in an astrological chart shows us where we struggle with dilemmas that make us question both our means and our ends.  On day one we will explore the history of Jupiter from Greece to modern times. On day two we will explore Saturn in the same way. On day three we will put them together in each participant’s horoscope and read the chart with special emphasis on the planet of parables and the planet of predicaments.

We will also explore the implications of the upcoming 2020 conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the chart.

Intermediate or Advanced level

OPA Retreat 2020 Zion National Park