San Diego Astrological Society | Lecture and Workshop

Friday October 11, 2019

Joyce Beers Community Center, 3900 Vermont St., San Diego, CA 92103.
7:30 PM

Popular Astrology (the most famous example being “sun sign” astrology) is often regarded as a flagrant pandering to the masses. Yet its appearance in Almanacs and dream interpretation manuals are responsible for the introduction of Astrology into America and its overall acceptance. This lecture traces the rise of popular Astrology from The Book of Knowledge (a pre-Revolutionary war occult periodical) to civil war publications to Evangeline Adams’s astrology booklets in the 1920s. Along the way we will examine the unique role that women played in the popularization of Astrology here in the United States (both as astrologers and mass market audience) and how Trash Astrology gave the American public its first taste of eastern religions, feminism, and psychology. The point of this lecture is to show that “trash” astrology is more than a necessary evil; it’s the reason why Astrology is still around.

Saturday October 12, 2019

Joyce Beers Community Center, 3900 Vermont St., San Diego, CA 92103.
10AM – 1PM

Saturn has always maintained an outsider status in Astrology. Loathed and feared, Saturn was the planet associated with Jews, blacks, slaves, the elderly and the destitute. This is a far cry from its current connection to rigid authority and the money-class. So how did this happen? By drawing on art, iconography, and literature I will reconstruct Saturn’s secret history and present a second look at planet that is often stigmatized. In recent years Saturn has been dressed up as the shadow aspect of our horoscope, something we need to integrate in order to become whole. But what if Saturn’s job is to stubbornly resist assimilation? We will see how by maintaining its otherness Saturn shows us our true faces.

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