On September 9, Mars turns retrograde, throwing your entire life into reverse.  Not only will this thwart all future progress for the time being, but it looks like you’ll be drawn back into whatever recent crisis you survived, disaster you averted, or accident you walked away from. It’s kind of like making a last-minute escape from a burning building only to realize that you left something valuable behind and that you have to go back and retrieve it. People will warn against it, but you have no choice. Named after the Roman god of war, Mars has a strict “no man left behind” policy so what you’re facing could pertain to a loved one in need, a situation in peril or a karmic obligation you’ve still yet to fulfill. The wonderful thing about Mars is that it floods our horoscope with resolve and daring; it steels our nerves so that we can get done what needs to be done. If you weren’t a hero before, you will be by the time Mars comes out of retrograde on November 13.