June 19

Jupiter sextile Saturn

Sisyphus was condemned for all Eternity to push a boulder up a hill. Yet the gods said that should he successfully reach the top, he would be allowed to leave the Underworld a free man. The promise of this release kept Sisyphus focused on his labor. Now the boulder was truly heavy, but with effort Sisyphus could get it to the top. Unfortunately, something always went wrong before he could get there. Maybe it was a bead of sweat rolling into his eye that blinded him, a fly buzzing in his ear that distracted him, or his toe being crunched that made him howl in pain and lose his grip. In any case the boulder always wound up rolling back down the hill where Sisyphus was forced to begin again. You may recognize a similar exercise in futility in your own life, however the good news is that an extremely rare Jupiter/Saturn sextile on June 19th shows you breaking this endless cycle. This will be the moment when you actually get somewhere and can finally leave behind the burden you’ve been saddled with. Signs most affected: Taurus, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces