Neptune is the planet of hope. Maybe you’re hoping that someone you’re in love with will love you back; perhaps you’re wishing for a better life or feel like this time a lucky break really will work out. Neptune is the arch nemesis of cynics and skeptics. That’s because they were dreamers once but never got over the disappointment of their bubbles being burst which is why they’re driven to burst the bubbles of others. Hope can be uplifting but hope can also be deceptively cruel. On June 30th Neptune turns retrograde. Now it’s true that Neptune retrogrades often bring disillusionment. We’re told that disillusionment is bad but it actually frees you from the spell you’ve been under so that you can get to know that person you’re idealizing, inspect that “better life” up close – warts and all – or pick up that lucky break that fell short and do something different with it. Neptune retrograde can become the first step in your creative process if you’re willing to lose the myth. Neptune will be retrograde from June 30th to December 6th.