July 7

Mercury sextile Uranus

You’ve probably lost count of all the times you tried to make a certain proposal work. You thought it was a sure thing, but somehow it resisted your best efforts to articulate it. Visions of waste paper baskets overflowing with crumpled balls of paper still haunt your sleep, along with all the drafts you worked and reworked, and how about the desperate attempts to repackage something that just wouldn’t sell? It will be interesting to see what your reaction will be when you’re asked to return to the drawing board yet again today. Will you stammer and shake? Break out in a cold sweat? Lose consciousness? Actually you may be surprised to find the answer staring back at you from said drawing board. Somehow all of your attempts, drafts, and versions have succeeded at cracking the code and there it will be – a glimmering idea where an uninspired concept used to be. Signs most affected: Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, and Virgo