July 9

Last Quarter Moon in Aries

You may feel like this is a make or break time, but rethink it.  The Moon in Aries will always quicken the pulse and incite you to act in the moment rather than consider the consequences in the long run.  And usually you would be right to heed these impulses, however the Last Quarter Moon is a waning energy rather than a waxing one. In other words the Moon is “losing light” as it heads towards the end of its cycle why means it’s always best to make your move after the next New Moon takes place. That way you avoid the danger of acting too early or leaving right when you should have stayed.  Find a friend to talk you down off the ledge if you can’t do it yourself.  You’ll be glad you listened to reason.  Signs most affected: Aries, Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn