The unapologetically acerbic Dorothy Parker used to utter the line “what fresh hell is this?” whenever confronted with something jarring and unexpected. It’s a sentiment you’ll be sharing this week when the Sun forms an opposition to Uranus on November 13th followed by a conjunction to Mars on November 18th. These are cacophonous planetary aspects – shrill and piercing; full of discord and enmity. Now you could run for cover and wait the whole thing out or you could adopt the Dorothy Parker stance – which is to pour yourself a cocktail and ask someone to light you a cigarette (metaphorically speaking of course). There comes a time when fear gives way to defiance and after weeks of eclipses and oppositions that time is now. There’s something liberating about screaming “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” and in this instance the Universe may hear you and stand down.