Good intentions often pave the way to hellish situations when Venus forms a square to Pluto in the sky. The reason is that Venus wants to make love, not war, and her pacifying energy could lead you to be accommodating when you shouldn’t. Maybe you’re sick and tired of rearranging your schedule to accommodate your boss who never says thank you, of having to explain away a client’s gruff behavior to offended co-workers, or taking a back seat to a lover’s more burning priorities. There comes a time when you have to ask yourself if you’re enabling all this. One could say you need better boundaries, but boundaries don’t always work in relationships where the balance of power isn’t always balanced. What you can do is stop covering. This forces said employer, client, or lover to take responsibility for their own actions without you running interference for them. Sometimes it’s only by facing the music that one learns to play nicely with others.