January 25

Full Moon in Leo

When there’s a Full Moon in Leo you’re going to feel like the fabled lion that got a thorn stuck in its paw. You’re hurt and you’re looking for someone to make it better. You will bellow at loved ones, roar at colleagues, and carry on until you feel like you get the help you’re seeking. They may not take you seriously at first, but they will eventually. A Full Moon in Leo only gets louder the longer that it is ignored. You can rest assured that someone will come running to the rescue and pluck the thorn out. The result will be immediate relief and the return of good spirits. But you may want to ask yourself: why did it have to get to this point? Couldn’t you have asked for help sooner or expressed your discontent earlier? Next time don’t wait so long to show that you’re in pain. It will make life a lot easier for you and those around you. Signs most affected: Cancer, Leo, and Aquarius