March 1

Sun sextile Jupiter

Combining efforts with a like-minded group of people is the way to go because you’ll accomplish more together than you will apart.  So what is it you’re after when Astrology’s two most spirited luminaries get together?  You’re into anything that lifts your sights, raises your consciousness, broadens your horizons, and enriches your worldview.  It’s the perfect time for eating, praying, and/or loving in a community because everyone is so supportive, hospitable, and encouraging of one another.  It’s also the perfect time for connecting to your life purpose as you will be drawn to Jupiterian pursuits like philosophy, religion, and the love of learning.  Ditch the to-do list and embrace the profound because asking the big questions yields uplifting answers now. Signs most affected: Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius, and Pisces