For centuries the Spring Equinox heralded the start of a new year. In fact it still does in Iran, Turkey, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. It’s called Nowruz which means “new day.” The Sun is exalted in the zodiac sign of Aries because this is when the young Sun – full of hope and possibility – begins the climb to its heavenly throne where it will be at the peak of its powers later in the year in Leo. However an exalted Sun doesn’t mean a strong Sun, it means a celebrated one. This is the time to look ahead, to raise your sights, and to think about how you want your future to be different than your past. It’s also a time to think about light triumphing over darkness. This isn’t the lightness of day versus the darkness of night – both are harmoniously balanced at the time of the Equinox – but rather your personal light triumphing over the forces that seek to discourage, disparage, or disenfranchise you. The Sun starts its new year on March 19th – and so do you.