April 11

Mercury cazimi

You’re alert and on top of your game now that Mercury, planet of the mind, is cazimi.  “Cazimi” refers to the “heart of the Sun” and any planet traveling this close to the Sun is said to make the leap from weakened and exhausted to robust and rarin’ to go.  You can think of it as your mental faculties being back on line after having spent days searching for a signal.  The cazimi only lasts a day so act fast.  Mercury cazimi is the perfect time to bluff your way out of a corner, to meet with that person that everyone said you couldn’t see, or to take the most calculated of risks.  Aim high and shoot far because the unique combination of audacity, savvy, and timing ensures that you will be successful.  Signs most affected: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, and Sagittarius